Powercents (Ontario Edition)

Powercents (Ontario Edition)

Know when it's cheap, shift usage and save money.

Powercents (Ontario Edition)

Know when it's cheap, shift usage and save money. Powercents simplifies energy so you can make better decisions.

Powercents Ontario Edition

- Features -

Track Prices

The pricemeter, countdown timer and alerts help you to take advantage of lower prices. Now that the Province of Ontario uses a Time-Of-Use billing system, the price of electricity fluctuates during the day. Use the alerts inside Powercents to get notified when prices change and avoid overpaying.

Track Prices

Shift & Save

Change when power is used in your home and see what you’ll save. Learn about small changes in your power use that make a big difference over the course of a year. Use the calculators to see how much money you can save by shifting consumption to Off-Peak hours.

Shift and Save

Energy Tips

Energy costs are rising. Make better decisions that save you money with helpful Powercents tips and resources. Find ways to conserve energy in your home and keep it running efficiently with our handy seasonal checklists.

Energy Tips

- Support -


What devices does Powercents work on?

Powercents was made to work on iPhone 4S and newer. Powercents version 2.0.1 supports iOS 8+. The app works fine on the iPad however, is not optimized for the screen size.

Is there a Android version of the app?

Not currently. Let us know which Android device you have in the contact section, we'd love to hear from you!

Where can I find help for Powercents?

Tap the “?” icon at the top right of the screen inside any section of the app for help.

Does Powercents work outside of Ontario?

The app works anywhere however, Powercents was designed specifically for the Ontario market and reports all data in Eastern Time.

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Current Version 2.0.1

The current version available on the App Store is 2.0.1 released February 1, 2017. You can find the version you have installed by opening the app and tapping the “?” icon (top right). Scroll down to the “About Powercents” section. It’s listed there.

Planned Updates

Regular app updates are planned for every May 1 and Nov 1 aligned with the Ontario Energy Board’s Time-Of-Use price changes.

Have questions about Powercents, feedback or suggestions? We love hearing from users! Drop us a line and be sure to include your mobile device model in the message.

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